Single Item Moves

Needing to hire movers but only for a few items? We help with Single Item Moves. Couches, Desks, Dressers, Etc. Whether it's from the basement to the top floor, or just a few miles away, we’d love to help.

Each Single item move is a case-by-case basis. But generally speaking, we do most single item moves for a flat fee of $250. This includes 2 movers and an enclosed trailer if needed.

We have a 6 x 12 foot enclosed trailer. Perfect for moving a couch, a couple of dressers, or anything.

We bring any tools to help disassemble and reassemble furniture. And any supplies needed to safely move, cushion, and protect your belongings.

Most single Item moves are done within an hour, and that’s usually what we plan for. If any single item move takes longer than an hour, then anything over the hour we charge at our standard hourly rate when we do a full home move of $140/Hour.

Example: We help move two couches.
Scenario 1: We’re there for 40 minutes. The total comes to $250.
Scenario 2: We’re there for 90 minutes. Total Comes to $320. ($250 for single item fee + $70 for 30 minutes of additional labor.)

Single Item Moves:

Single Item Fee: $200/Flat
     Our single item fee includes 2 movers and up to 1 hour 
     of labor to move the item. See transportation below if 
     you need the item transported to another location.

Added Standard Labor $140/hr
     This time is prorated after the 1st hour.

Additional Movers: $100/Flat
     If the item is excessively big or heavy and it 
     requires us to bring additional movers to safely 
     move the item, then an additional $100
     will be added per additional mover.
Moving Truck Fee: $100/Flat
     This fee is for a Box truck up to 26 feet long.
Enclosed Box Trailer: $50/Flat
     We have a trailer for smaller jobs and movers. 
     The trailer is a 6x12 foot enclosed box trailer.
Long Distance Travel Fee: Variable
     Our normal service area includes: Davis and 
     Weber County and Salt Lake County.
If we start or end the job outside of these counties, then an Arrival and/or Departure fee will be added to compensate for time and fuel. Generally $50-$100. Could vary depending on number of movers.

Local Service Area

Davis County & Salt Lake County.
We are headquartered in Bountiful. So our local service area is Davis and Salt Lake County.


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Moving Truck
Stretch Wrap
Moving Blankets
Any Tools needed
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